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Since its creation, Fertima has helped to put an end to fertilizer supply disruption, particularly of nitrogen-based fertilizers, which occurred sporadically and which are extremely damaging to Moroccan agriculture.

Fertima was the forerunner in the use of high-speed, mobile industrial packaging facilities in ports. This process avoids contamination, as the products are never touching the soil before arriving to the farmer. Moreover, in the event of a supply disruption, it also makes it possible to replenish the Kingdom in record time.
Fertima has acquired high-tech industrial equipment that enables it to manufacture customized fertilizers from its Research & Development department that can be enriched with trace elements and can be processed on demand based on an agronomic analysis.
Thanks to industrial packaging plants and our mixers, today Fertima has a custom NPK fertilizer blending capacity of 200 tons per hour, a storage capacity of more than 100,000 tons and a packing capacity of 5,000 tons a day.​








Our Purchasing and Research & Development departments work daily with key global suppliers to provide our customers with the best products, selected according to rigorous specifications.

 After testing is carried out in the field, many fertilizers are manufactured especially for our Group.

Fertima’s objective is to provide comprehensive solutions to improve agricultural productivity and economic viability for farmers while preserving the land for future generations.









In order to support millions of farmers in the process of improving agricultural productivity through tailored rational fertilization practices, Fertima is constantly working on new formulas across the Kingdom's regions with its agronomists and technicians.

They accompany farmers and are a vital link to provide plant nutrition solutions adapted to the needs of crops, soil, and climate.

For many years, Fertima has conducted and financed numerous trials on various crops, including wheat, potatoes, olive trees, date palms, citrus fruits, and grapes.

These trials are conducted under a variety of soil and climatic conditions, with the aim of helping farmers to improve their revenue and plant productivity. These activities are always recorded in the desire for the conservation of the environment.

At the end of the trials, the results obtained on the test plot are systematically compared to those of the control plots. It is, therefore, possible through rational fertilizer application to obtain up to more than 50% improvement in productivity.


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