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Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to developing agriculture and agribusiness in Morocco by providing farmers with the best complete crop nutrition solutions, adapted to their needs while preserving the environment with all our strength.

Additionally, it is Fertima's goal to contribute to the development of agriculture and agri-business in many African countries, in cooperation with its international partners to create a bright future for the continent.

To continue its development, Fertima is actively studying the establishment of industrial packaging facilities in other countries. Its know-how to develop and manufacture adapted formulas, and its logistics and distribution skills to fight against supply disruptions so damaging to agriculture can assist in contributing to better agricultural management beyond the borders of the Kingdom.

Fertima's teams are multidisciplinary and cover a wide variety of skills - particularly in fertilizer manufacturing and distribution – and to have an aptitude for the commandment of logistics.

Fertima is proud to have many partnerships with key players within the industry.