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Uncompromised Quality


For decades, Fertima has been providing quality fertilizers to millions of farmers throughout the Kingdom of Morocco.

Created in 1972, Fertima is traditionally the preferred supply company for farmers with whom it enjoys a strong reputation.

Thanks to its vast distribution network covering the entire territory, Fertima enjoys a deep anchorage in the agricultural world and aims to replicate this scheme in other countries of the African continent.

Fertima offers a wide range of products and covers all the needs of plant nutrients, from nitrogen, soluble, potassium and phosphate fertilizers to deficiency correctors and biostimulants as part of complete solutions for plant nutrition.

To support farmers in their development projects, Fertima agricultural advisors and technicians offer quality fertilizers adapted to their crops and their pedoclimatic conditions to improve yields.

Fertima has engaged in this voice through multiple partnerships, particularly with the Ministry of Agriculture, and the OCP Group Foundation in the framework of improving yields, and offers plant nutrition plans by culture. and by region.

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