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50 Years of Know-How at the Service of Farmers

Fertima, created in 1972, is the preferred supply company for small and medium-sized farmers with whom it enjoys a high reputation and enjoys a deep connection with the agricultural world.

The merger of Fertima with Charaf Corporation in 2008 enabled the Fertima-Charaf Group to become a major player in Morocco for plant nutrition and to capitalize on numerous synergies. 

This strategic operation has made it possible to achieve an ambitious socially-responsible objective: to offer all farmers the best fertilization techniques, thus offering Moroccan agriculture additional leverage to meet the challenges of the 21st century in terms of food security; also by improving the revenues of the 50% of Moroccans who live on income derived from the agriculture industry. 

Thanks to this strategic operation, the range of products available from Fertima has grown considerably. In addition to its range of conventional fertilizers, Fertima, the standard of excellence for Moroccan farmers, now offers a new range of products for crop nutrition with higher value added.